The last big thing

Reading between the lines of recent management decisions

From its inception, Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) proclaimed its place as a leading organization in the information technology industry. Apple consistently raised the bar of technological advancement and led the industry in technological innovation. And although Apple went through turbulent times during its lifespan, its outstanding performance is manifested in its overall financial performance. Continue reading “The last big thing”

Economic development policies in Saudi Arabia

Shifting the focus from capital investments to comprehensive economic reform

Saudi oil refinery

The Central Planning Organization, the official predecessor of the current Ministry of Economic and Planning, published the first development plan of Saudi Arabia in 1970. Among the usual rhetoric of the abundance of natural resources and potential for growth and development is the aspiration to foster a diversified economy. 43 years later, the Saudi Arabian economy is nowhere close to being diversified. Continue reading “Economic development policies in Saudi Arabia”

The 2008 financial meltdown and the United States economy

The role of macroeconomic policies in the magnification of the impact

In late 2007, the global financial market collapsed sending the world’s major economies into the most devastating recession since the great depression. And although this financial meltdown damaged the fiscal stability of numerous countries, the United States was among the countries that suffered the most. Almost instantaneously, the federal budget deficit soared, global financial powerhouses collapsed, the stability of the US dollar erupted, and international trade shrunk. Continue reading “The 2008 financial meltdown and the United States economy”

Saudi renewable energy capabilities

A late start for a global energy power house
Photo courtesy of ScienceDaily

Is Saudi Arabia lagging behind in developing alternative energy sources? Undoubtedly. Not only because of the mere fact that the oil-rich kingdom is still far behind many countries such Germany and the United States in researching and developing alternative energy sources, but also because Saudi Arabia, a global energy power house, is behind when it should be in lead.
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Unemployment in Saudi Arabia

Photo courtesy of Riyadh Daily

In recent years Saudi Arabia’s national economy has grown significantly. The unprecedented figures of the kingdom’s economic growth are regarded, in several occasions, as a great indicator of a strong national economy. Nonetheless, the issue of unemployment remains as one of the country’s biggest predicament, which may threaten the kingdom’s economic stability. The question is why employment in Saudi Arabia is relatively low despite the stable economic growth.
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Future of air transportation in Saudi Arabia

Development of the aviation industry through regulatory liberalization

Beginning of the 1960s Saudi Arabia sat it sails towards, and committed itself to achieve, highest levels of economic development. With the advantages of its oil rich soil, governmental policies that are aimed to achieve diversification, and the strong emphasis on economic and social modernization, the economy of Saudi Arabia has been growing rapidly ever since.
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